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Is Your Letterbox Ready?

Here at Save Perth Hills, we have a healthy supply of our famous car stickers.... and it would be a shame to not put them to good use. After all, we are NOT going to go away! 😉 So here's the plan - will you join Save Perth Hills and brighten up your letterbox? (We know you have the time to reply 😉)

You can say one of these: 'yes', yep, yip, for sure, yeah mate, sure cob, 100%, you had me at sticker...'


OK brilliant - then send us a message on Facebook or email us with your address and your sticker placement instructions. One of our crew will adhere the sticker as instructed. Social distancing campaigning to Save Perth Hills can be done ✅ P.S. remember to message or email us! P.P.S. Stickers are 29cm x 8cm P.P.P.S. gates, fence post and meter boxes make great alternative locations

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