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Is Your Letterbox Ready?

Here at Save Perth Hills, we have a healthy supply of our famous car stickers.... and it would be a shame to not put them to good use. After all, we are NOT going to go away! 😉 So here's the plan - will you join Save Perth Hills and brighten up your letterbox? (We know you have the time to reply 😉)

You can say one of these: 'yes', yep, yip, for sure, yeah mate, sure cob, 100%, you had me at sticker...'


OK brilliant - then send us a message on Facebook or email us saveperthhillsinc@gmail.com with your address and your sticker placement instructions. One of our crew will adhere the sticker as instructed. Social distancing campaigning to Save Perth Hills can be done ✅ P.S. remember to message or email us! P.P.S. Stickers are 29cm x 8cm P.P.P.S. gates, fence post and meter boxes make great alternative locations

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