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Join our virtual rally

Enjoy this absolutely incredible video, featuring Save Perth Hills’ Chair, Paige McNeil, with important information we intended to deliver to you at our rally on the 15th March 2020.

The video officially kicks off our online campaign as the WA Planning Commission closes in on a decision on the dangerous and destruction 'proposed' North Stoneville townsite. As we share this video, we reveal we have secured politicians from every side and level, calling for North Stoneville to be scrapped! Our clear message to the WA Planning Commission - and the Anglican Church, is to remind them of the extraordinary level of solid ongoing opposition... to North Stoneville. We are MORE than ’some locals’ - as the Anglican Diocese Trustees continue to describe us. This thing is a full blown and expanding movement across the entire community - across Perth. Our Facebook posts regularly reach 5000 - and more!

The eagles 🦅 who live on-site at North Stoneville, circled above us as we recorded the video in Stoneville on Friday. They also showed up at our April 2019 Rally. We feature one of them, in the video, gliding above us on Friday. They are our Good Omen.

So - over to you guys! Our rally was unavoidably stopped but here’s another way to share your voice of this community, on this, the biggest planning issue the Mundaring Shire has ever seen.

You need just ONE thing: Your SMART PHONE 📱At this time of social distancing we figure we can make good use of the time on our (sanitised) hands. GRAB your phone and share a short video message to the WAPC as they close in on a North Stoneville decision.

If you’d prefer not to show your face, take a photo of your Hills. If you’d prepped a Rally banner, or, if you want to make a new one, then let’s see it!


Our Facebook page is being watched closely by all of those with influence.

Some tips:

🤳 Hold your phone horizontal - not vertical 🤳 Keep it brief: 20-30 seconds. (10 seconds = approximately 30 words) 🤳 Keep it clean, respectful. Make your points with clarity and passion! 🤳 Keep it about the issues - fire danger, environmental destruction, road safety, urban sprawl etc… 🤳 Look into the camera

Have fun and thank you in advance for contributing to our “on-line campaign” on Facebook”. We’ll be sharing and tagging everyone in so you don’t need to 😎

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1 Comment

Mar 23, 2020

Well done SPH what a great video and what an amazing job you are doing to save our precious hills and the community that lives here. We will send a video telling the WAPC how we feel and nature of this dangerous and destructive plan. Thank you for everything you are doing for our community

Cheers Debbie and Peter

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