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Matthew Hughes drops in!

Judgement Day looms for the dangerous and destructive North Stoneville proposal, with a decision expected by the end of July.

So it was great to have our Local Member and long-time supporter, Matthew Hughes, drop in as our Committee and Think Tank met after the easing of COVID 19 restrictions.

Matthew likens the fight to save Perth’s Hills from urbanisation, as a visionary challenge, much the same as John Septimus Roe’s ambitious achievement to set aside Kings Park.

We agree!!

At 555 hectares, North Stoneville is 155 hectares bigger than Kings Park.

With an application to rezone North Stoneville back to Rural going before the WA Planning Commission, our community is taking visionary steps to protect our unique environment and to safeguard the people who live here.

Matthew Hughes’ statement

I was pleased to be able to attend a meeting of Save Perth Hills on Sunday and to reaffirm my strong commitment of opposition to the proposed structure plan for the North Stoneville township (SP34). The matter is currently before the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), which is expected to determine the application by the end of July. It is to be hoped that the WAPC accepts the arguments provided by the Council of the Shire of Mundaring and the community as to why approval of the SP34 should be refused.

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