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This weekend (18th December) marks an important anniversary for all of us at Save Perth Hills.

It’s 3 years since $atterley blind-sided our Community with their dangerous and destructive SP34 North $toneville plan.

A sprawling estate of 1500 houses, (some 350 sqm), for more than 4000 people, surrounded by an Extreme Bushfire Zone.

With NO warning, $atterley gave us just 3 weeks, over Xmas/New Year to comment on their firetrap surprise package.

So we did... and have gone on to achieve the following:

• Almost 1000 submissions said NO NIGEL NO!

• 1200 people at Council said NO NIGEL NO!

• Our Council UNANIMOUSLY voted NO NIGEL NO!

• WA’s Planning Commission said NO NIGEL NO!

• 3000 people rallied saying NO NIGEL NO!

• REZONE to RURAL applications say NO NIGEL NO!

• Politicians on ALL sides say NO NIGEL NO!

What part of NO doesn’t Nigel doesn’t get?

In that time, YOU have

• donated your hard-earned $ to the cause!

• put banners on your fences!

• SPH stickers on 100s of cars!

• waved placards at our rallies!

• sent amazing messages of support!

• helped 2 SPH Chairs get to Council! (Councillor Amy Collins for Shire of Mundaring and Councillor Paige McNeil)

$atterley is still chasing their SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE through Appeal.

And we’re still fighting it at every turn.

Just remember, $atterley had planned to build in 2020.

Thanks to YOU - ALL they’re building is one helluva ROTTEN REPUTATION.

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