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Rally Time - 14th February

The 14th FEB is RALLY TIME!!

But... interesting twist - The $atterley "Land Destroyer" business marks it's 40th Birthday this year (Don’t cut the cake yet, Nigel!!!)

To mark the occasion, and with no love lost, our Valentine’s Day Rally will call on politicians to make 2021 the END of Nigel’s North Stoneville - F O R E V E R !

WHY does $atterley want to build houses that will be at high risk of fire? "NO NIGEL NO!!!!"

Why hasn’t land owner, Anglican Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy - said, "NO NIGEL NO!?!"

Why does the Planning Process allow $atterley to APPEAL when EVERYONE (except Kay), says "NO NIGEL NO!?"

9:30am Sunday the 14th February - a month before the State Election. Even the politicians will be there chanting in RARE UNITY - "NO NIGEL NO!!!!"

You're not going to want to miss this...

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