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RDA Survey - vision for Perth Hills

Over the past 20 months, the community has been clear that it does not want poorly planned urban sprawl in the Perth Hills.

NOTE - what happens next in our collective story is incredibly important. Fighting and reacting to ill-conceived development plans is not the future we want to see. Attention is turning to the reality for the Perth Hills region that we ALL WANT. Here is a significant step towards that reality... The good people over at RDA Perth have put together a Perth Hills Community Survey. This survey has been created based on RDA speaking with businesses, local government and community groups across the Perth Hills. We encourage you to respond to the survey and more than that, to share it out across the Perth Hills and beyond. What is your vision for the Perth Hills? What do you want to see? We look forward to seeing the results and what happens next!

For more on RDA Perth, check out their website here:

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