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Yesterday evening - the Shire of Mundaring Council refused Structure Plan 79. The plan situated along Clutterbuck Creek would have seen the urbanisation of the old Parkerville Farm property. It included 3 cul-de-sac roads which are not suitable for fire-prone areas

There were many deputations this evening, the majority not in support of the plan.... Councillor Doug Jeans introduced a motion to refuse the plan based on fire safety concerns and drainage/run-off issues. In the end, the plan was refused 9 to 3.

The councillors in favour of the plan were:

• Cr Darrell Jones

• Cr Toni Burbidge

• Cr David Lavell

The councillors NOT in favour of the plan were:

• Cr Matthew Corica

• Cr James Martin

• Cr Jason Russell

• Cr Ian Green

• Cr Doug Jeans

• Cr Kate Driver

• Cr Amy Collins

• Cr John Daw

• Cr Simon Cuthbert

WAIT, there's more.

MASSIVE thanks to those of you who sent in a submission about this proposed plan in August 2020. At that time, the Shire received 108 community submissions. 103 of these were objections, 3 had mixed views, 2 were in support. It is these written deputations that carry considerable weight on nights like last night. Thank you to those who wrote in!

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