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Reply from Ken Wyatt

We've had a reply from Ken Wyatt, Federal Member for Hasluck, ahead of this weekend's election.

We met Ken last week to discuss Federal issues such as pressures to urbanise the Hills despite increasing bushfire and climate change challenges, and the need to protect the very thing that IS the Hills, the unique (and diminishing) natural environment.

We also spoke about increasing community concerns around East Link, (reliant on Federal $$$), which will carve up 700+ hectares of bush up Toodyay Rd, and is becoming more about opening up the Hills to housing estates, than to freight.

Ken was visibly surprised by maps we showed him illustrating East Link's intended destruction.

He's sent a letter outlining his on-going opposition to North Stoneville and the need to protect our bushfire prone communities.

We've also met Tania Lawrence, Labor Candidate's for Hasluck, and are awaiting her formal response.

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