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"Safe Zone" - really??

According to $atterley...

"Once fully developed, North Stoneville will be one of the few areas of the Shire capable of being classified as ‘not bushfire prone’.

This means North Stoneville will be amongst the safest places to live in the Hills."

Are. They. For. Real? 🤨

The world is watching the Eastern States burn. As we are seeing, ember attacks are occurring over kilometres not metres... John Forrest National Park (WA's first and oldest conservation park) is about ~5km from proposed North Stoneville... The Park is 2,678 hectares....

WHY, WHY , WHY build a suburban estate in the same vicinity as a National Park.

We ALL know: a 100 metre Satterley SAFE ZONE would be the most UN-Safe Zone you could ever wish to be in.

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