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Satterley Appeal Update

"We stand before you today, not just as 5 representatives of Save Perth Hills, but as a community of thousands who are a united voice over the issues surrounding Structure Plan 34."

👆 this was the opening line to our presentation to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) yesterday (3rd Nov 2020).

Yesterday kicked off the first stage of the $atterley-Anglican Church appeal to over-turn the WAPC rejection of their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville proposed development. Ironically this process started just four days after the Summer of Fires’ 2020 Royal Commission recommended that ‘development in bushfire prone areas should be avoided.’ 😲

$atterley, however, made it clear that they will persist with seeking approval for their outdated plan which Save Perth Hills believes puts profit before people – and dangerously disregards the wisdom of bushfire experts, and the lived experience of our bush fire-affected communities.

Stay tuned folks!

In the meantime - if you're loving the good work from team Save Perth Hills, please consider making a donation. Simply deposit to our Bendigo Account:

- BSB: 633 000

- Account: 160715942

MASSIVE thanks to those who have been donating - it looks like the insurance for the next 12 months has been covered 🙏🏻

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