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Say NO to urban sprawl

Last year, Nigel Satterley was quoted as saying:

"The boundaries are set in my opinion. So, in the North up to Yanchep, Two Rocks. Then you go across to the foothills in the east up to Bullsbrook. So we’re saying that will be the boundaries most likely for the next 40-50 years."

What the heck, Nigel? Proposed North $toneville goes deeper into the hills than any other development of its nature. It is considerably further out than other urban developments none of which have the density suggested for SP34.

We need YOUR help! Can you dust off your last deputation on this issue to Save Perth Hills within the next 4 days? We want to send written statements from this amazing community to the WAPC as part of their final judgement on this proposed structure plan. We are required to submit this off by Thursday 9th of July.

REMINDER: Details including Fact Sheet and Template are all available here:

◼️Please email your deputation to us at:

◼️ post to:

Save Perth Hills PO Box 33, Stoneville, WA 6081

The hills are no place for urban estates and urban sprawl.

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