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Another insurmountable problem with North Stoneville is the proposed PRIVATELY owned sewage recycling plant.🤑

Intended to sit next to Suzannah Brook Catchment, Water Corp WA refuses to involve itself in the plant - opposition stretching back to 2004.

So, in 2016, the re-zone to URBAN was based heavily on SATTERLEY’S POO PLANT being PRIVATELY owned and operated by Water West - which has NEVER built a sewage plant in Hills geology!

We have asked many technical questions about environmental safeguards, smell, contamination - only to be told: “These details don’t need to be provided until subdivision stage”.

So, we ask again:

💩What if the private operator goes broke?

💩What if the recycled water is contaminated?

💩What if it overflows or runs into landowners’ dams and Suzannah Brook?

💩What if the ‘ponds’ leak into pristine aquifers?

💩Will Satterley put up a $50+ million bond (at least) on his POO PLANT against environmental contamination?

💩And what about the smell? ....

Just ask the people of Craigie, in Perth’s northern suburbs, about the ‘smell’.... they’ve been inhaling Poo Fumes since 2017!🤧


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