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Time is running out!

Please write your deputations . We need to send them off by Thursday 9 th July

To the many of you who have already sent them in THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

The community engagement from Satterley and the Anglican Diocese of Perth has been an utter disaster in regards to proposed North $toneville. From the get-go, their Structure Plan has not taken into account the wishes or the safety of the community. It has completely neglected the needs of the environment.

Communication with the Anglican Diocese has been consistently pushed to Satterley who have ploughed on regardless despite overwhelming community opposition. Community concerns have been dismissed multiple times. For these two organisations they face an almost unstoppable wave of community discontent. Their urbanisation plans are out-of-date and irrelevant in 2020.

Our beautiful city and its hills backyard deserves MUCH BETTER than a cookie cutter sales job by a developer!

No matter the Satterley spin, a bad idea is a BAD idea. The community here gets that. Here at SPH HQ, we are LOVING seeing the deputations roll in. We still need more though. Can you get your deputation statement added to the growing list?? Time is running out!

We aim to send written statements from this amazing community to the WAPC as part of their final judgement on this proposed structure plan. We are required to submit this off by Thursday 9th of July.

REMINDER: Details including Fact Sheet and Template are all available here:

◼️Please email your deputation to us at:

The hills is no place for cookie cutter urban estates!

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