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Time to Remember...

8 years ago this week, the Perth Hills burned.

57 homes lost, 350 properties damaged, 386 hectares burned along with countless irreplaceable, precious memories.

We all remember it... the raw emotion, the evacuations, the sheer bravery of our firefighters, the phenomenal reaction to help in the aftermath, and we remember the difficult journey so many in our community have endured from this event... especially the 7 years it took to finally settle the class action for those who lost so much...

This memory - placed alongside the Satterley/Anglican Church plan to add 4000 more people into an urban fire trap plan must never be allowed to proceed. We know what can happen. The real-life experience of a fire like this is different from the TV version.

The 12th of January 2014 is a 'forever date' for the hills and a human reminder that we must never place developer or church profits - ahead of people’s homes and lives!

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