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Update on the Appeal

Many of you are asking...❓❓❓

What's the latest with $atterley and the Anglican Church's DISGRACEFUL APPEAL of the WA Planning Commission's wise REJECTION of the dangerous and destructive North Stoneville plan?

Great question! 👍

Well, the plan is being 'mediated' at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). 🙄

Basically, a bunch of lawyers for $atterley and the Church, are trying to convince a bunch of lawyers from the Planning Commission that $atterley can overcome FOUR ☝️☝️☝️☝️ State Planning contraventions in its unwanted plan - AND work out how to get 4000+ residents - AND the rest of us, out of a burning Extreme Bushfire Zone - without anyone being killed or injured.

But - we can't give you any details - because mediation is held in PRIVATE. 🚫

Yep - just how $atterley might be planning to save (or risk) our lives - is being held behind closed doors.

There was a hearing yesterday (Dec 4). The next is Friday (Dec 11).

Save Perth Hills will be told after Dec 14, if a 'solution' was agreed to - or - if the case goes to a Full and PUBLIC hearing.

That's what we want, of course...

There's been no opportunity to include the 2020 Summer of Fires Royal Commission findings at Mediation: ("Development in bushfire prone zones should be avoided.")

While we wait, we want you to know there's increasing un-rest right across Perth, about dangerous, inappropriate and unwanted development.

Save Perth Hills' banners flew high last week at Parliament House with groups from Joondalup to Gelorup and everything in between - calling for greater community involvement to avoid planning disasters, just like the hideous, dangerous and destructive North Stoneville.

For now, stay tuned - we can't wait to tell you how the Anglican Church is trying to get this plan across the line.

(Hint: It 100% doesn't involve the Community... surprise surprise...)😡

And remember! Help finance our fight to be a Save Perth Hills' Hero! You can donate via the Bendigo Bank: BSB - 633000 Account -160715942. We're so grateful for your incredible support!🙏

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