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We have a date!


JULY 14 IS JUDGEMENT DAY for the Anglican Church’s North Stoneville Disaster Plan.

PLEASE Write your deputations and email to us ASAP -

We will submit them on behalf of the Community. Get all your family to write one each! We need as many as possible so individual ones would be great.

🙏 Thank You - EVERYONE - who has already emailed us amazing deputations!

✅Keep them coming!

If you need inspiration - our community is acutely aware that Bushfire Risks make the North Stoneville Disaster Plan impossible.

Putting 4,000 extra people into a permanent Extreme Bushfire Zone is madness - and potentially deadly.

The site has only two evacuation roads - Stoneville and Roland Roads.

We know from the 2003, 2008 and 2014 bushfires that one road will be compromised by the fire, emergency vehicles and smoke, potentially TRAPPING 4000 people.

Please, put your fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper and tell the WA Planning Commission that the North Stoneville plan is dangerous and must be rejected.

The Government has a Duty of Care to keep us, the community, safe.

And - stay tuned! There’s even more ACTION coming up for us! Details soon!

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