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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Why are we seeing bushfire alerts in late-May for the Perth Hills? It’s nearly winter!

This one was in Mount Helena close to SP-77.

Rita Saffioti MLA - Why did you give this development the green light? We’re all still gobsmacked that you went AGAINST DFES advice...

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Perth Hills people - we have all come to the realisation that SP-34 (AKA North Stoneville) has IMPACTS for the entire Perth Hills region if not Perth City itself (as a recreation and nature destination). Satterley recently attempted a community consultation (version 2) with a small number of select community members. We have 200 seats at the Mundaring Arena Bendigo Room for anyone who would like to have their say. Please indicate if you're able to come to this important Perth Hills Community Event. This time - YOU get to speak!

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

We get sent beautiful pics of Perth’s Backyard. This was taken overlooking the proposed North Stoneville site.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone...

Note: a reminder that our campaign is ongoing and that all donations are welcome and gratefully received. You can donate online at our GoFundMe page:

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