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Once it's gone, it's gone...

We ALL get this.

You can't bring back the bush the way it was.

Once the hilltops have been levelled, the forest cut down, the habitat of eagles, chuditch etc, cleared, the streams replaced with culverts and pipes, the roads set with bitumen and kerbs... there is no going back.

Worse than that, it sets a precedent for more of the same.

This is one fight we cannot lose.

This is NOT a drill... It's our once-in-a-generation chance to say, 'we can do better...'

Sending Save Perth Hills your written statement within the next 3 days is the action you can take.

You made your message clear to the Shire of Mundaring in 2019. Now, the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) needs to hear it too. The time to ACT is NOW.

If you are only able to contribute ONE THING to this fight, make it this! For those who have been worn down by process before, this time round is DIFFERENT. We are being heard, but we simply must demonstrate to the powers-that-be watching this issue that the community remains resolute. To the youth, we know you get it. The kids have stood up, written deputations, spoken in front of the community, painted banners and more... we invite them to do so again, here 👇

We are required to submit all community deputations by this coming Thursday the 9th of July.

REMINDER: Details including Fact Sheet and Template are all available here:

◼️Please email your deputation to us at:, or

◼️ post to:

Save Perth Hills PO Box 33, Stoneville, WA 6081

Once it's gone, it's gone....

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