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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Here's our Community Rally flyer for next weekend (7th April).

Feel free to share out far and wide!

It's a NO to North Stoneville 👎🏼

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

These pictures were sent to Save Perth Hills - they show a pair of Eagles at the proposed North Stoneville site. It’s well known that there are Eagles based at the property.

The images were taken yesterday morning (25th March 2019) from the fence line boundary of the property.

Once it’s gone... it’s gone...

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Many of you good people have let us know that Satterley decided to 'educate' us all on North Stoneville with a good ol fashioned "Fact Sheet"... So like any concerned community group, we thought we should issue a "Fact Sheet on the Fact Sheet". Here it is.

Please tag in everyone you know who deserves to know the FACTS. And despite what the Satterley facts say, North Stoneville IS NOT A DONE DEAL!

P.S. Our Facebook page has exceeded 1000 followers and getting up towards 1000 likes.... we love the growing and continued support from all of you 😎👍🏻😊

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