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C’mon $atterley! After NINE failed appeal attempts - isn't it time to call it quits!?

...Call it quits to demonstrate your ‘commitment to community!’

...Call it quits and graciously congratulate the community who guided you - and the Anglican Church, away from a monumental business disaster - a dangerous firetrap estate.

... Call it quits to save taxpayers’ money and spare us all ANOTHER prolonged Tribunal hearing.

6 YEARS of FAILURED ATTEMPTS proves your plan is a Firetrap FLOP!

This Friday the 9th of Sept will determine where our 31-year community battle goes next. C’mon $atterley - time to call it QUITS. And we’ll ALL be better off for it.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

REMINDER that tomorrow night we have our General Meeting in the Bendigo Room at Mundaring Arena. Hope to see you there! 7pm to 8pm.

  • Save Perth Hills Inc

It's been a little while between drinks - but we find ourselves guzzling Grange at Nigel's Nook.

We ask - Should a land developer (yes, $atterley), who's about to enter a taxpayer-funded public appeal, over a dangerous development plan worth 100s of millions of dollars, wine and dine the Premier - whose Planning Dept has rejected the ('North $toneville'), plan?

Does this pass the pub test? What do you reckon?

As per our previous posts - please donate to help us with legal support to Save Perth Hills: - Directly via BSB:633 000 Acc: 160715942 - Or (ironically) via Containers for Change: Save Perth Hills ID Number: C10307279

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