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Thank you #JessicaShawMLA, member for Swan Hills, for your Parliamentary acknowledgement of the first anniversary of the Wooroloo Bushfire catastrophe.

But what the Community and our Volunteer Bushfire brigades need - right now - is the Wooroloo Report.

It took 6 months for your Government to action the Inquiry.

You told us Minister Dawson received the Report in December!

It's now almost 3 months later - after the hottest Perth Summer in 30 years, after more than 20 bushfires in and around the region of the Wooroloo disaster, and just yesterday (PerthNow), a long-range forecast from the Weather Bureau that WA's volatile and dry bushfire season will likely extend into Autumn.

We have much more than 'an interest' in the Report, Jessica - we NEED the Report. And we need it now so recommendations can be implemented especially around Planning in Extreme Bushfire Zones.

If not now, #JessicaShawMLA... WHEN?





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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

We raised this question recently - but no response from the Government which has sat on the Report since December.

It’s March next week…. and now more than a year since the catastrophe.

Today, we see DFES advertising a tender for … ‘Monitoring and evaluation of Wooroloo Bushfire Community Recovery & Outreach Program and State Recovery’.

Can someone - ANYONE - please explain to us how a review of the ‘Recovery’ can be appropriately conducted during the on-going and unexplained absence of the Official Report into the emergency that prompted this Recovery?

#Mark McGowan #Matthew Hughes MLA #Rita Saffioti MLA #Jessica Shaw MLA #Matt Swinbourn MLC

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Satterley’s ‘North Stoneville’ Disaster Plan is dragging into its 4th year... and we admit this tale has had more than just a few plot twists and turns over the years... So we got reflective and thought it was timely to remind you, our incredible supporters, exactly what we’re fighting for... and campaigning, to save and protect. Tonight we launch our DID YOU KNOW series…

First up - how many chances is too many? $atterley has gone back to the State Administrative Appeals Tribunal 7 times since August 2020. Next month’s hearing will make the 8th tax-payer funded ‘mediation’ session... Do you sense a pattern here?

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