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With just days before we RALLY - this Sunday 9.30am Sculpture Park, Mundaring, North $toneville’s extreme bushfire dangers were debated at yet ANOTHER ‘mediation’ at the State Tribunal today.

$atterley is trying to overturn DFES’ AND the Planning Commission’s REJECTION of North $toneville.

Mediation is held in ‘private’- so we don’t know what Satterley said

Last November, at the first Mediation Save Perth Hills delivered a passionate presentation to the Tribunal.

Today, our amazing friends, at Stoneville Parkerville Progress Association, Jo Sheil and Greg Jones, presented their own compelling case AGAINST North $toneville. You guys are AMAZING - THANK YOU

But Satterley was its usual silent self when it came to talking to us - the Community.

There was NO RESPONSE when we asked: ‘How many more bushfires do you need to understand North Stoneville is a disaster plan?’

So, as we ALL prepare to gather, united and strong on Sunday, we thought we’d share with you a taste of the $atterley $ilent Treatment - which truly is the hallmark of their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville disaster plan... But we won't be silent... ‘NO NIGEL NO!’

See you Sunday - and bring your voices

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

It's less than a week until WE rally

...and one of the speakers joining us will be Federal Liberal MP, Ken Wyatt.

Ken's latest letter to Save Perth Hills shows that he understands why The Anglican Church and Satterley must not be allowed to proceed with an urban townsite for more than 4000 people inside a proven Extreme Bushfire Zone. We especially note Ken's remarks on safeguarding communities in bushfire risk zones.

See ya next Sunday - Sculpture Park Mundaring - 9:30am start.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Rally Day - Sunday, March 7 - is just over a week away! You’ll be there, right!?

Long-time North Stoneville opponent, Labor MP Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda will be joining us, demanding that Nigel Satterley and the Anglican Church withdraw their dangerous and destructive plan.

Despite Perth Hills’ worst bushfires, Satterley and the Anglican Church still want to put 4,000 people inside an Extreme Bushfire Zone.

Politicians from ALL sides and levels agree that North Stoneville must NEVER proceed.

Matthew’s battled on our behalf since 2019 - and this passionate speech to State Parliament remains a memorable moment for us.

See you on Sunday March 7, Sculpture Park, Mundaring for what promises to be our biggest rally yet - to Save Perth Hills!

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